The basic difference between those who achieve greatness and those who might have been great is one thing: opportunity.

At the Mapleton Education Foundation, we are driven by the belief that if all students have the opportunity to pursue their dreams, our community, country and world will be a better place.

Mapleton Public Schools has demonstrated that by combining rigorous academics and personal development with student-focused staff and small educational environments, students thrive. Our role as the district’s foundation is to support those system-wide efforts while also focusing our attention on the individuals within the system.

We offer financial support and a variety of grants to students and teachers alike to help them explore, experience and elevate their lives to full potential.  This financial support includes:

Make a Difference Funds to support students who are invited to participate in select extra-curricular programs

Marchi Mini-Grants for teacher projects that complement classroom curriculum and enrich our students’ experiences

Post-Secondary Scholarship Funds to allow students to pursue a post high school educational goal that might not have otherwise been possible

We invite you to apply!


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